Welcome to incodéscent themes. My name is Rich Quigley, and, after doing graphic design for a decade or so, I've set my sites on website development, including creating WordPress themes, and this page acts as an introduction to those themes.

So here are my first two. "Happenings" is a theme built mostly for venues that feature live performances, like coffee shops, jazz clubs, or play houses, but could be adapted for other things along those lines. "Playne" is a theme built more for blogging, and it utiliizes sharper typography rather than flashy gimmicks. Both themes are mobile ready and responsive.

Both are awaiting approval to become accessible from the WordPress free theme site. Until then, you can download Happenings here and Playne here. A link is also available on the home page of each demo page.

Thanks for stopping by; more are on the way!

j Q